MONICET- The whale watching companies and the public at the service of the knowledge and conservation of the Azores cetaceans

MONICET is a research project aimed at developing the methodologies and the infrastucture to build a long term database of cetacean sightings from commercial operations in the Azores. It is based on a consortium of 2 companies and one research center, and supported by the Azores Government through the Regional Directorate for Science, Technology and Communications (project ref. M5.2.2/I/005/2008) and the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (grant ref. M3.1.5/F/004/2009)




  • Development of a standard methodology for data collection at sea, from the whale-watching vessels, that will be simple to apply in the normal commercial operation conditions but also maximizes the scientific value of the data collected, namely by allowing the quantification of the observation effort.
  • Development of a standard methodology for data collection from the whale-watching lookouts, with the same requisites as above, including the geographic location of the sightings.
  • Creation of a database of the sightings information collected by the companies from both land and sea observations.
  • Developement of a website with dynamic links to the database, to allow data entering and retrieval by the consortium members and for general public information.